The 'Drôme Accueil vélo' label

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La Drôme features thousands of kms of routes for cyclists, including two green cycle routes (véloroutes voies  vertes). Together with the French  'Accueil Vélo' label , all the conditions are united to discover the finest sites and landscapes the Drôme has to offer in the most enjoyable way possible.

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ViaRhôna, from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean

eurovelo17ViaRhôna linking Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, is a bikeway / greenway, a member of the EuroVelo Network (EuroVelo 17). It runs along the Rhône, a distance of 817 km in 21 milestones ranging from 27 to 40 km. To date, the route has a total of nearly 650 km operational, passing successively from the right bank to the left bank of the river and using a large extent, the old towpaths. Located halfway, Drôme proposes 5 sections in the left bank of the Rhone, alternating with steps side Ardèche on the right bank or through discovery routes set up Drôme side.r.

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Véloroute Voie verte Vallée de L’Isère (traffic-free)

vallee-de-l-isereOn a bicycle, on roller blades, jogging or walking, whether as a family outing or with something more competitive in mind, everyone will find something for them. It’s also a way of discovering the heritage and the natural wealth of the gates of the Royans and the la Drôme des Collines.
In addition to the routes following the Isère river, three bridges have been thrown over the Isère and allow you to cross from one side of the river to the other... Bourg de Péage/Romans-sur-Isère, Port d’Ouvey between Saint Paul-lès-Romans and Eymeux, and La Vanelle, between Châteauneuf-sur-Isère and Granges-lès-Beaumont. These engineered structures, with a total span of 152 metres and a width of 3.50 metres are open to walkers, two wheeled non-motorised traffic and horse riders – who must dismount to cross from one side of the Isère to the other.

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Véloroute "la Vélodrôme"

23Logo VelodromeThis cycleway follows the lanes and minor roads of the lower Drôme river valley. It  has direct access to the VVV ViaRhôna cycle route along the 'passerelle' (link) reserved for cyclists along the banks of the Drôme river. This is a very attractive route for cycle tourists and makes its way up the Drôme valley on both it's banks:  7 kms towards the centre of  Loriol-sur-Drôme, towards Allex. The going is completely flat until Loriol and Livron-sur-Drôme. The section between Livron  and Allex is more hilly. The route crosses the Brézème vineyard slopes, with quite a steep 300 metre climb to reach, notably, the magnificent old village of Haut-Livron.

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Along the river Drôme


The first ‘véloroute’ called « Le long de la rivière » is gradually taking shape: a 130km route (mainly recommended for touring bikes) along the  Drôme river, from its source at the Bâtie-des-Fonds until the confluence where it meets the Rhône at Livron. Discover, in tranquillity, the Drôme valley on a bicycle.

A family mountain bike/touring bike itinerary already exists from Livron to Saillans, discover the leaflet !

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vtt-dromeMountain-bikers are spoilt for choice thanks to Drôme VTT (the latter the French abbreviation for a mountain-bike, or vélo tout terrain), with around 3,000km of specially signposted tracks whisking you through breathtaking terrain, again with many well-planned circuits to follow.
Look out too for the Chemins du Soleil long-distance mountain-biking routes crossing the Drôme.