The Drôme's castles

The Château de Montélimar

MONTELIMAR CHATEAU-DES-ADHEMARS LPASCALE vignetteThe Château des Adhémar at Montélimar is one of the most important examples of medieval architecture in the mid-Rhone valley. It was built by the Adhémar of Monteil family on the top of a hill above the town which bears its name (Montélimar means the Little Hill of the Adhémars). Within the curtain wall there remains an 11th century chapel and a 12th century residence with outstanding decorative features.

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The Château de Grignan

GRIGNAN CAVALIERS P GARDIN vignetteThe Château de Grignan was built in the Middle Ages as an acropolis dominating the site and the village. 16th century rebuilding transformed the edifice into one of the greatest Renaissance châteaux of South-East France and further building in the 17th century into "one of the finest antiquities in France". The presence of Madame de Sevigné and her daughter Madame de Grignan, the privileged place the château occupies in their correspondence and the influence of Comte François de Castellane Adhémar de Monteil, "Viceroy" of Provence from 1669 to 1714, all conspire to make this a key site in the history of the region.

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The château de Suze-la-Rousse

Suze-la-Rousse - Drôme Provençale

Owned by the Princes of Orange, this medieval fortress was partially transformed in the 16th century. In the Renaissance it acquired an arcaded courtyard in the Italian manner whose decoration is similar to that at Grignan and affords a superb contrast with the austere aspect of the exterior. The château has been honoured by the presence of a number of powerful figures belonging to the Baume-Suze family, who remained owners until 1958.The château is today the seat of the Université du Vin.  

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The Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

palais ideal du facteur cheval

The 'Palais Idéal' : 93 000 hours, 10 000 days, 33 years of challenges. The work of one man, a peasant's dream. From Pablo Picasso to André Breton, many have recognised this singular act of creation.

The 'Palais' is also nowadays a venue with three  'Jazz au Palais' evenings in late June, a Facteur Cheval night in mid-July and an event with light show at the 'Palais' in August.

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The Crest's keep

chateau-of-crest-isler-vignetteAt a height of 52 metres, the keep of the Tour de Crest is the highest in France and affords an exceptional panoramic view over the outposts of the Vercors, the Diois Préalpes, the Rhone Valley and the mountains of the Ardèche. Guided tours allow the visitor to discover this keep, square in plan which was successively château, fortress and prison. Today the edifice is considered one of the finest examples of medieval architecture. 

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