Mirmande, a charming village

.. Situated half way between Valence and Montélimar, the magnificent site of Mirmande will certainly not leave you indifferent.

The name Mirmande comes from “Mirus” meaning “admirable”, and “mandarer”, meaning “dominate”. This small fortified hillside village had 3 000 inhabitants in the 19th century and lived on the silk industry. It was saved from ruin by the cubist painter and writer, André Lhote.

The “Amis de Mirmande” Association, founded in 1948, organizes meetings each summer where professionals and amateurs from the world of Art can get together.

The village won the first prize in 1975 for “the most beautiful roofs of France”, the site was protected by Haroun Tazieff, (Famous French geologist and volcanologist), once the mayor of this small village.

Take the steep alley to discover the 12th century church of Ste Foy, where exhibitions are held and concerts take place.

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2 kms from Mirmande, is Cliousclat, listed as a Historical Monument. It is a charming potters’ village and has a small museum dedicated to the history of pottery. Telephone: (0)475 63 15 60.
More information  : Tourist office of Mirmande