Vercors to Provence



An unforgettable tourist destination; there is everything to tempt you, and for you to marvel at, in the Royans-Vercors: roads in seemingly impossible places, grandiose panoramas, underground cave and river systems hewn out of the rocks. The landscape vistas are unlimited and you will find medium altitude mountain resorts, with a family emphasis, where you can walk, ride, go mountain-biking, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing, etc. Such a place is the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors!
Faithful to its history, the Vercors holds dear the memory of its heroic past during World War II and invites the visitor to tread the paths of freedom.

Suggested itineraries: n° 4, 3, 5 to be discovered in our brochure: 12 interactive itineraries.

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Drôme des Collines

palais-ideal-du-facteur-chevalTo the North of the Drôme valley, you will discover a different Drôme, 'La Drôme des Collines’, a greener and yet more secretive area. The hills of La Drôme des Collines unfold their gentle contours from the slopes of the Bas-Dauphiné and the valleys of the Rhône and l’Isère, which also act as its frontiers. La Drôme des Collines features a landscape of woods, orchards and vineyards, providing a gradual transition between mountain and plain, between the Alps and Provence. You can visit the Palais Idéal du facteur Cheval at Hauterives, drive through the Tain-l’Hermitage vineyards and discover the world of shoe-making at Romans-sur-Isère.

Suggested itineraries: n° 1, 2 to be discovered in our brochure: 12 interactive itineraries .

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The Valence plain

place-des-clercsSituated astride the greatest European North-South route, Valence-sur-Rhône, the département (county) town, is a staging post par excellence and also an attractive place for a longer stay.

The old city, with its pedestrianised shopping centre, its shady squares and welcoming terraces, its attractive buildings with its pastel colours, has retained its old world charm in the centre of a city which is resolutely turned towards the future.

Not far from the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors, via Chabeuil (see its monumental gateway), Peyrus and the col des Limouches, Valence is an ideal point of departure for a number of excursions. One can even pass through the picturesque town of Beaumont-Les-Valence on the way 'la Pangée' (Pangea), the geological centre of the earth site at La Baume-Cornillane.

Suggested itineraries: n° 1, 3 to be discovered in our brochure: 12 interactive itineraries.

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Drôme valley and Diois

environs-de-ste-croixSituated between Vercors and Provence, lies a deep green groove : the Drôme valley and the Diois. A veritable larder, the area contains treasures which will satisfy the most demanding gourmet: its 'picodon', its 'croquants', its famous Clairette wine and aromatic plants and herbs. Lavender is grown on the mountain-sides at the heart of the Diois. An artistic and cultural centre, a number of creative people have elected to live and work here: potters, glass blowers, painters, writers and sculptors all find their creative inspiration amidst these hilltop villages.

Suggested itineraries: n° 5, 6, 7, 8 to be discovered in our brochure: 12 interactive itineraries.

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The river Drôme

riviere-dromeA river still in an untamed state whose clear waters flow from the Alps towards Provence, the river Drôme is ideal for family bathing but also for canoeing and rafting. And on its banks the Réserve Naturelle des Ramières offers way-marked walking and mountain-bike trails. The Drôme also boasts a number of smaller rivers ideal for fishing.

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Drôme Provençale


In Drôme Provençale are to be found sweet-smelling perfumed hills, covered with lavender fields, olive orchards and the Côtes du Rhône and Grignan-les-Adhémar vineyards - spread out around the medieval castle of  Suze-la-Rousse. There is Montélimar of nougat fame, truffles, the château de Grignan, the pottery at Dieulefit and the pure Romanesque Provençal style of architecture.

Suggested itineraries: n° 10, 11, 12 to be discovered in our brochure: 12 interactive itineraries.

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The lavender road's in Drôme


"Here lavender makes the earth an the sky balmy, reflecting sunlight and shadow" - Jean Giono -

Lavender is a common plant. Its colours, its fragrance and its properties confers on it the status of a cultural symbol.

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