This cycleway follows the lanes and minor roads of the lower Drôme river valley. It has direct access to the VVV ViaRhôna cycle route along the ‘passerelle’ (link) reserved for cyclists along the banks of the Drôme river.

This is a very attractive route for cycle tourists and makes its way up the Drôme valley on both it’s banks: 7 kms towards the centre of Loriol-sur-Drôme, towards Allex. The going is completely flat until Loriol and Livron-sur-Drôme. The section between Livron and Allex is more hilly. The route crosses the Brézème vineyard slopes, with quite a steep 300 metre climb to reach, notably, the magnificent old village of Haut-Livron.

From the Viarhona passerelle (link) to the centre of Loriol sur Drôme (7 kms).

The stage begins above the Drôme river, at the level of the Viarhona, between la Voulte-sur- Rhône and Le Pouzin (Ardèche). This route is linked  to the ‘voie verte de la vallée de l’Eyrieux’ (green route). To begin with the cycle way is fairly basic and runs along the top of the raised dyke belonging to the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône on the right bank of the Drôme river. Barriers prevent access to motorised vehicles. The surface, whilst firm, is ‘rustic’ in places. After 2kms the landscape opens out into the agricultural and rural Loriol plain, and you can access the centre of Loriol along minor and very quiet tarmac roads.You can also access the Loriol SNCF railway station.

From the Viarhona ‘passerelle’ (link) to the centre of Livron sur Drôme (7 kms).

At the start of the link, the Vélodrôme follows the raised bank of the Drôme. You are recommended to take the minor detour via the fish weir on the Drôme, a spectacular construction mainly conceived to protect the local fish species the ‘apron du Rhône'(Zingel asper ).  After around 2km the landscape opens out into the agricultural and rural Livron plain and  you reach the national 7 highway through minor and very quiet tarmac roads.You can also access the Livron SNCF railway station.

From Livron-sur- Drôme to Allex (8km)

This wild stage is more hilly, and hence more sporting. The route climbs to the old village of  Haut-Livron. The climb is steep but short (330 metres to be exact).   Once up at the top, you can reach the ‘belvédère’ (viewpoint) by crossing the old market place (in a southerly direction). This is one of the finest vantage points over the valley. After passing through the hilltop village of Livron, the minor road heads towards Allex via the ‘coteau de Brezème’, famous for it’s ‘Côtes du Rhône’ vintage.