On a bicycle, on roller blades, jogging or walking, whether as a family outing or with something more competitive in mind, everyone will find something for them. It’s also a way of discovering the heritage and the natural wealth of the gates of the Royans and the la Drôme des Collines.

In addition to the routes following the Isère river, three bridges have been thrown over the Isère and allow you to cross from one side of the river to the other… Bourg de Péage/Romans-sur-Isère, Port d’Ouvey between Saint Paul-lès-Romans and Eymeux, and La Vanelle, between Châteauneuf-sur-Isère and Granges-lès-Beaumont. These engineered structures, with a total span of 152 metres and a width of 3.50 metres are open to walkers, two wheeled non-motorised traffic and horse riders – who must dismount to cross from one side of the Isère to the other.


Discover along the way: Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans (19th century aqueduct, ‘Grotte de Thais’ cave system) la Baume-d’Hostun, Eymeux, St-Paul-les-Romans, Bourg-de-Péage (Pogne Pascalis museum),  Romans-sur-Isère (old centre, ‘musée international de la chaussure’, Marques Avenue), Granges-les-Beaumont ( Eric Borja Zen garden , cave de Clairmont) and Châteauneuf-sur-Isère. Discover and download the itinerary! At the Châteauneuf-sur-Isère bridge, re-join the ViaRhôna route.