Situated on the principal European North-South route, Valence is both a place to break a journey and enjoy a longer stay.It is also the Prefecture, the country town.

The old town with its pedestrianised shopping streets opens on to shady terraces. Here there is a festive spirit abroad in the evenings. Don’t miss the Maison des Têtes and the Maison Dupré Latour dating to the 16th century, St Apollinaire’s cathedral with its polychrome decoration, the Museum Art and Archaeology ,the great food market(on saturday evening). Idle in the Parc Jouvet and the ‘Champ de Mars‘ or cruise on the Rhône from the Epervière. Savour the county’s best produce in a famous stellar restaurant, such as Pic in Valence, run by Anne-Sophie Pic, the only woman in France to have won three Michelin stars.