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Vercors Sled Dog

Situated at the foothills of the Vercors, two professional mushers offer in winter ski-joëring (ski activity towed by a dog, only for groups), initiation to a dogs carriage driving, porterage (be towed by a dogs carriage, comfortably installed inside the sledge) and trek (to live the authentic Nordic adventure at the heart of Vercors, in total autonomy with dogs and sledges). In summer, they also let you discover the cani-rando, hike supported with one dog which tows you and helps you to go further.

Vallon de Chapias
26150 Die
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  • Journée : 150 € le traîneau (10 € en plus pour un pique-nique)
  • ½ journée : 100 € le traîneau
  • Raids :
  • 2 jours : 440 € par personne
  • 3 jours : 620 € par personne
  • 4 jours : 850 € par personne.