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Marché hebdomadaire du Vendredi

Truck farmers, producers, cheese makers, small business sector(crafts) all year long and as from in the middle of June at the end of August extension in the street of the village.

The market reflects its territory: potters and producers of picodon cheeses make you discover their products. Man findet ebenfalls, auf diesem großen Markt, Wurstwaren, Fleisch, Blumen, Fische, Frühgemüse, Wäsche, Bücher(Pfunde)... Es gibt für alle Geschmäcke.
Dieser Markt fühlt die Provence mit seiner fünfzig Händler, den Gemüsegärtnern schon, die traditionelle Produkte, die von der Gegend, den Oliven, dem Knoblauch, dem picodon, den Kräutern und den Gewürzen hergestellt(herbeigeführt) sind, Produkte BIO vorschlagen. In summer, the market widens on the place(square) of the church where craftsmen(architects) potters and ceramists propose their production but also in the street of the Village of which where the fairground people offer the biggest of the diversities: the perfumed soap is placed next to the brilliant dresses, the jewels, the wooden toys, the craft(home-made) hats, the decoration etc. All this activity takes place in music, in the hubbub and pleasant(kind) bustle of the peak hour of the tourists at about 11 am.

Place du Champs de Mars
Place du Champs de Mars
Face à l'Hôpital Local
26220 Dieulefit
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Opening times

Throughout the year : every Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM.