Sapey Mountain Protected Natural Site

Located in Aucelon village locality, this protected natural site is 337 hectares wide. It is at the cross-road of several climatic influences, both Mediterranean and Alpine, making it a particularly diverse environment in terms of fauna and flora.

On the lower mountain, you will find moors with broom and Scotch pine forests.Climbing in the direction of 'Forêt de Luine', you will find old beech trees. Higher still, you will cross several grassland prairies overlooking the ridge.

Le Sapey and Natura 2000 Protection program

Implementing the 'Birds' and 'Habitats' European directive, Natura 2000 is a network of natural sites across Europe, with no less than 1700 sites in France. The purpose of this network is to protect and highlight selected natural sites's rich fauna and flora, while taking into account social and economical activities.

The Sapey Protected Natural Site is part of the N2000 site : 'Grassland, Moors, Cliffs and Forests of Aucelon Mountains'.
The Communauté de Communes du Diois is responsible for implementing the Aims and Objectives approved by the French state.

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All year round.