Woods "Ussiaux"

The property of the town of Romans since 1980, the Bois des Ussiaux are a natural space for relaxation and discovery managed by the French Forestry Office (ONF).

A mosaic of natural environments, a wood on a sand dune, a discovery path equipped with 9 interactive panels… At this site, you will find: a reception area with a car park, bike railings, a fountain, picnic tables / an educational path allowing you to discover nature (duration: 1.5 hrs.), a footpath to ramble around the "Great Loop of Drôme des Collines" / An Adventure Course through the tree tops (Information: 06 19 13 69 38).

D 53
26380 Peyrins
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Opening times

From 01/01 to 31/12.


Free of charge.

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