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Lavender and aromatic plants

The mild climate and the low humidity of the air make the Drôme a world leader in the production and transformation of perfumed, aromatic and medicinal plants. A concentration of aromas which knows no rivals, envelops us and makes us feel good.

Le village de Grignan avec son château vue d'en bas avec un champ de lavande au premier plan

Lavender - Grignan

The Lavender is a real or original species, while Lavandin is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of Lavender and Aspic. Lavender can be cultivated or wild, while Lavandin is not found in the wild. The altitude also plays a big role in the differentiation between the two species: while Lavandin grows at all altitudes, true Lavender only grows from 600 meters, never below.
The essential oil of lavender, used in aromatherapy perfume is finer, softer, almost round. Lavender keeps all its therapeutic properties, while the essence of Lavandin has a more pungent odor, much more « camphor » and is hardly ever used in pharmacopoeia.
It takes 100 to 120 kg of straw (flowers and stems) to obtain 1 kg of golden yellow oil Lavender and 3 kg for Lavandin.
The AOP « Essential oils of lavender from Haute-Provence » was established in 1981 to fight against the competition. It identifies the production as being of very high quality.
The Drôme Provençale and the Diois offer exceptional lavender landscapes in summer.

Officinal lime tree of the Baronnies

Lime-trees found in Baronnies climatic conditions very favorable: exceptional sunshine, moderate rainfall and distributed in a way that promotes maturity flowers, well sheltered valleys
with minimal frost in spring. It is particularly renowned for its flavor and aroma both sweet and penetrating. Calming, antispasmodic and slimming, the linden flower looks like a panacea.


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