Atelier l'Empeinte

Atelier L'Empreinte

Sale, Workshop and pottery workshop open to all (possible family activity): Work columbine, to the plate, modeling, shooting ... The finish of the object in the scene: slips, judoxydes, engravings, prints or modeling will close work.

Declining to groups. Production of decorative pieces standstill (glazed earthenware) .Atelier and pottery workshop open to all and family (all year by appointment). Pottery workshop, sale and Courses: During filming, modeling beginner or initiated. Decor to slip on a red earthenware (Dieulefit traditional technique) .Stage: contact us. Workshop on demand: 10 € / hour.

Route de Nyons (ancienne biocoop)
26220 Dieulefit
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Opening times

Toute l'année : ouvert tous les jours.