Saine Jalle
Sainte Jalle
Sainte Jalle
Sainte Jalle
Historic site and monument

Village de Sainte Jalle

Sainte-Jalle is a charming and typical provençale village with its shaded plane-tree path and its typical cobbled old streets.

The remains of the Castle, the old fortification and some rounded towers remind us that the village used to be an important trade city.
The St Barthélémy trade fair (August 24), which started during the 13th century an still organized every summer, used to be one of the most important trade fairs of the Dauphiné.
The village also offers to visit one of the most beautiful roman Churches of the Drôme area: former clunisian priorship, Notre-Dame of Beauvert used to belong to the diocese of Sisteron until the 18th century.

A must see/do:
- Notre-Dame of Beauvert Church
- Paragliding starting spot - stunning views during lavender season.
- Summer markets : market of local producers every Friday at 7pm.

26110 Sainte-Jalle
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